Frequently asked questions

Are there any age restrictions for this event?

NO, Registration is open to all ages for participation in this event. There are no age restrictions for spectators, but if your under 18 years of age you need to be accompanied by an adult.

Both our attendees 21 and over & those under 21 will be provided with a color coded wrist band and required to keep it on throughout the event.  A special wrist band will also be provided for Designated Drivers (DD).  We ask DD’s to announce their arrival at check in.

Everyone (all participants, spectators, and volunteers) must carry a Government-issued photo ID at all times; you must be able to provide proof of your identity and verification of your age.  You may consider bringing a combination of the options listed below.

  • Passport
  • Student ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Expired ID’s or Driver’s Licenses will NOT be accepted

What if i don’t drink Adult Beverages?

All is good you can come to enjoy the the run, along with great music and great food.
Sodas and other beverages will be available from some of our vendors.  Runners who do not drink will receive 3 tokens in their souvenired logoed glass as they cross the finish line. These tokens can be turned in for water or soda this in replacement for the taste coupons that will be removed from their Race BIB’s.

Do you take care of Designated Driver?

Yes we do! free water and soda for them  (2) they need to be wearing the nifty cool wrist band we will give them. So tell your DD to check in at the check in tent to receive their non alcoholic beverage tokens.

What if i don’t like to run?

That’s OK, we wont judge you on this & there is options for you –

1. You can come and spectate, and with the purchase of one of our logoed glasses, you can then purchase some tastes & glasses of adult beverages.

Is this a rain or shine event?

Yes it is who’s afraid of getting a little wet! But if the weather turns dangerous and becomes a threat to the safety of participants, spectators or staff, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the event. Pretty sure we’ll just pick another date, the run must go on!!

What’s the trail like we will be running on?

Dirt , we will be in a forest, so what you would find there! We carve out something new with the trails with every run. We get rave reviews on our trails, so we think you’ll love them.  Just start humming with us – over the hills and through the woods, then the visual will come to you………

Is team registration available?

Yes, here is how to do it –
When you click on the registration button your first option is to pick your distance, – 1K, 5K, Do It All, or VIP.  Chose the one you want and it will ask you who you are registering for, after you make this choice you will go to another screen that will ask for all your information including T-Shirt size and right under that will be the Team info section where you have the choice to join one or create one. If your team is going to be 8 or more people, please email us before registering and we will set you up with a discount code.

What can I bring and not bring to the event?


  • A Government-issued photo ID
  • $10 cash for parking and more for more beer & event merchandise
  • Appropriate footwear is highly recommended!
  • Spending money for extra beer, food, and merchandise
  • A signed copy of our Participant/Spectator/Volunteer waiver.
  • Everyone must carry a current photo ID at all times; you must be able to provide proof of your identity and verification of your age if you are 15 or older. You may consider bringing a combination of the options listed below.
  • Passport
  • Student ID
  • Driver’s License


  •  outside food or beverage items other than water
  •  tents or canopies
  •  strollers
  •  alcohol or flasks
  •  glass containers
  •  illegal substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
  •  illegal or unauthorized vending
  •  knives or weapons of any kind
  •  flammable lanterns or fire of any kind
  •  fireworks or any types of explosives
  •  skateboards, scooters, or personalized motor vehicles
  •  soliciting
  •  charcoal, propane, or gasoline
  •  grills or cooking devices
  • **Coolers are subject to search and this list is subject to change.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, as long as the dog is leashed at all times and likes people, other dogs, and crowds.

 I can’t make the event, can I transfer my registration?

It’s a possibility send us an Email with the information on what you want to do. We will see what we can do. Again a possibility, we’re not making any promises here.
Only the current registration owner or the person with their name on the registration may request permission to transfer a registration.

This event is nonrefundable. No full or partial refunds are given to customers who miss an event.

Can send a friend to pick up my race packet for me?

Yes, BUT they need to to bring this form with them & a photo copy of your ID. See full “how to” directions on Event Information page. Very important you read these directions, strict rules apply for this. *** If all needed forms do not come printed out in your friends hands, they WILL NOT be able to pick up your packet for you.


What time should I arrive?


                            DO NOT COME EARLY, YOU CAN NOT PARK EARLIER THAN 2 PM.

                                                                               DO NOT BE LATE TO THE RUN!  GET HERE BY 3:30 PM  

Is there a charge for parking?

Yes $10.00 for cars, & $30 for RV’s and Busses. Please have CASH.

Parking is on site , entrance is at 2600 Barkley Rd.  Watch for the directional signage.

Disabled vehicle parking is available if needed, please email us and let us know.

Motorcycle riders, if your group is attending the event and there will be more than 15 bikes in your group, please email us for special parking.

I am not in the best of shape, can I still participate?

Yes you can, neither the 5K nor the 1K is timed. Keep in mind doctors do recommend a light cardio workout a couple times a week for everyone who is going to participate in a 5K or 1K.

Should I bring extra money?

Yes because there will be run merchandise you can purchase, food from the gourmet food trucks, more adult beverage tasting, other vendors merchandise, and even more adult beverage tasting!

I have a medical issue can I still participate?

That’s a question only your doctor can answer. We think you need to consult with a physician BEFORE you register & get the physician’s approval to participate in the Event.

 What do I do when I arrive at the event?

Everyone (runner or non-runner) needs to go to the main event tent, show us your government-issued photo ID and check in, there you will receive your wristband.  Runners if you didn’t sign your waiver when you registered you’ll need to sign one at check in. Your check in will be even faster if you did early packet pick up, just need to check your ID and get you your wristband.

What do I receive if I volunteer to work the event?

Our volunteers receive some special stuff, and a meal.  Each year we pick 10 lucky people who will get to run the 5K (5) or walk the 1K (5) for working check in at the event.  Want this to be you, send us a Email and tell us why we should give a free registration to you!!  Limited to only 5 people for 5K and 5 people for 1K , emails picked via drawing.

Can I participate if I become pregnant?

Yes you can!  Pregnancy rule of thumb is if you already do it (power walk, run) then doing it while pregnant isn’t an issue or typically a concern within reason. But ALWAYS consult your doctor first. Listen to your body if it tells you to take it easy.  Know that you may be slower than normal.
Did you know its recommended pregnant women do a half-hour of moderate exercise daily? Every day will be different during your pregnancy.  One day you might not be able to get out of bed or do much and the next day you might feel like cleaning the whole house and running around the block a few times. Take it a day at a time and go with the flow. Again, how much you do during pregnancy is up to you and your doctor. You needn’t worry about overheating (unless you’re running in crazy hot weather) the main thing is to stay hydrated and stay at a pace level that feels comfortable.
Don’t believe us, check out what Dr. Sheeva Talebian M.D. has to say about running while pregnant here – http://tinyurl.com/zm2uzxb
If your still concerned about participation while pregnant  you are free to walk either or both races, we can even let you start the 5k run at the half way mark ahead of the crowd, any you get apple juice at the finish line!                                                                                                        This is also something that is between you and your doctor, keep in mind if you look as if you’re going to go into labor at any time, we make ask for a note from your doctor. Please check with your doctor before registering. Remember I don’t know nothing about birthing no babies!!

Can I get a refund if I can’t attend?

Sorry No. All registrations for our events are non-refundable. But, you might be able to transfer your registration to someone else. We did discuss this above.     We also offer the option of saving your registration till the next run.


If I didn’t register with everyone else…early, can I register on the day of the event?

Yes, but it will cost you more for being a slacker, prices increase as event date approaches. There will be NO VIP available to purchase  on day of event.

I see this event is put on by White Orchid Events, who are they?

White Orchid Events is a event planning company that has been in business for over 26 years.